Moviebird Techno Cranes


We now offer 3 sizes of Moviebird Technocranes

with a selection of Heads.Click on the links for full specs


Moviebird 17



Moviebird 24



Moviebird 45

ABC 120

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The ABC 120 is a medium wieght crane ideal for studio or location operation. Extending to 9m the crane is able to accomodate almost all camera and lens systems. The crane comes with its own Bull Stand or with a dolly and track. It can be easily configured for use on tracking vehicles, and for static operation can be one man operated if required.


Remote Heads

We now offer a range of Heads, Including Tallon and Scorpio .

Pele Head

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The Pele Head is a double axis head capable of operation with up to 30kg of mounted weight.It is ruggedised making it ideal for exterior locations, and in addition is almost silent during operation.